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Subaru Forester XT original Harman Kardon - upgrade to Rebec Car Audio DSP amplifier + Android Radio

Subaru Forester XT Rebec Car Audio DSP Amplifier A8S + Android Radio Player

Subaru Forester XT - with original Harman Kardon Sound system - upgraded to DSP amplifier and Android radio player with:

Dynaudio Car Audio Singapore

Rebec Car Audio Singapore

Auto Edition

Digital Sound Processor

Rebec Car Audio DSP A8S

Car Digital Sound Processor DSP with built-in amplifier.

Android Radio Player

9inch touch screen

Using back his original Harman Kardon Speakers

Rebec RPX-B8 Digital Sound Processor Car DSP with amplifier

Car Digital Sound Processor DSP with amplifier

More power and refined car sound experience with proper installation and tuning.

Android Radio Player

Big 9 inch screen

Visit Rebec Car Audio Singapore Dynaudio Car Audio Singapore workshop today

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