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About  Auto Edition
- the exclusive retailer for Dynaudio & Rebec Car Audio Singapore

Dynaudio Rebec Auto Edition


Auto Edition Trading was founded in 2004 (established for more than 15 years). We are set out to provide excellence car accessories and service to the customer. With the advantage of more than 30 years of working experience in the automotive industry, Mr Heng SB, the founder of Auto Edition Trading could better serve and cater our customer needs.

Our company offers a wide variety of In-Car-Entertainment, Security (Camera, Alarm), Lighting, Solar Film, Battery, Accessories products and services to suit different automobile owner needs.

We are grateful that our dedication is undisputedly recognised by the many car lovers. As a result, we have a large pool of regular customers and many referrals to their friends, family members, colleagues and people around our customers. Furthermore, we were very honoured to be the preferred choices of some reputable car dealers.


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We (Auto Edition) are also an leading authorised retailer of IROAD Car Dash Camera.

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Iroad X5 Iroad FX2 Iroad X9 Iroad X10 Power Pack Plus Battery Pack latest price Singapore.
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