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Sound of Nature, Music Reappearance 

Dynaudio's story

Dynaudio car speakers is engineered in Skanderborg, Denmark; with the goal of achieving:

Perfection in true audio reproduction - Reproducing the purest sound possible, to inspire as many listeners as possible.

And of course, with the decades of experience (since 1977), the team sought the highest standard of production in the path of delivering the musical truth to the listeners.

Apart from offering quality car speakers upgrades to the consumers, Dynaudio is also proud to be the partner of many reputable car manufacturers. Dynaudio is employed to specially engineer and develop a dedicated high quality sound system for their respective car models. Example of cars with factory fitted (originally came with) Dynaudio System are- Volkswagen Passat B8, Bugatti, DeLorean DMC-12 and more.

Dynaudio Esotan MKII 236 car component speakers car audio
Dynaudio car audio engineer
Wilfred Dynaudio

Additionally, Dynaudio also has Proven track records for their pro-studio speakers - Dyanudio pro-studio speakers is the choice of many renown company like BBC (United Kingdom), Hollywood (America), AIR Studios (London) and many top commercial film makers (like M2Film in Denmark).

Mercedes C200 W204 Dynaudio 236 component car speakers + Rebec RX6 coaxial speakers tweete
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Dynaudio's Singapore Exclusive

Car Audio Distributor

- Auto Edition

Auto Edition believe that:

Sound is a piece of art.

Quality & Compatible products for the customer


Great sound art

Meet our team of car audio enthusiast today, we'd love to share our passion for sound with you.

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