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Mercedes E250 W212 upgraded - Dynaudio & Rebec Car Audio Speaker, DSP Amplifier, Active Subwoofer

Updated: Nov 8

Mercedes E250 E200 W212 car speaker & tweeter front Dynaudio + car speaker rear Rebec + Rebec DSP Amplifier + Rebec Subwoofer - Singapore Car Audio Workshop

Mercedes E250 W212 - Full Sound System upgraded with:

Dynaudio Car Audio Singapore

Rebec Car Audio Singapore

Auto Edition

- Car Digital Sound Processor

Rebec Car Audio DSP RPX-B8 -

Car Digital Sound Processor DSP with built-in amplifier.

- Front 1 pair - car speakers

Dynaudio Esotan 212 - car component speaker (separate tweeter).

- Rear 1 pair - car speakers

Rebec Car Audio RX6 - car coaxial speaker (integrated tweeter).

- Rebec Car Audio - Active Subwoofer

Car DSP amplifier, Digital Signal Processor

Car Digital Signal Processor DSP with amplifier

More power and refined car sound experience with proper installation and tuning.

Mercedes CLA 180 Car Speakers -  Dynaudio Car Component Speakers front Singapore

Front car speakers - 1 pair

Dynaudio Esotan 212 -car component speaker (separate tweeter)


· Detailed & accurate sound
· Decent clarity
· Tight bass

Mercedes E200 E250 W212 Car Speakers -  Rebec Car speakers rear Singapore

Rear car speakers - 1 pair

Rebec Car Audio RX6 - car coaxial speaker (integrated tweeter).


· Warm tone and wide dispersion of sound.
· Perfect complement to the front car speakers.

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