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Mercedes CLS W218 rear car speakers upgraded to Rebec Car Audio | with Auto Edition | Singapore

Mercedes CLS350 CLS500 W218 Rebec car audio coaxial speakers - Singapore Car Audio Workshop

Mercedes CLS350 CLS500 W218- Rear Car Speakers upgrade with:

Dynaudio Car Audio Singapore

Rebec Car Audio Singapore

Auto Edition

- Rear 1 pair - car speakers

Rebec RCX6B - car coaxial speaker (integrated tweeter).

Mercedes Benz CLS350 CLS car speakers car audio coaxial speakers tweeter - Singapore Car Audio Workshop

Rear car speakers - 1 pair

Rebec Car Audio RCX6B - coaxial speaker (integrated tweeter).


· Warm tone, more details and wide dispersion of sound.
· Perfect complement to the front car speakers

Visit Rebec Car Audio Singapore

Dynaudio Car Audio Singapore

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