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Honda Shuttle upgraded to Rebec Car Audio DSP + add-on soundproof. (More refined sound) - Singapore

Mitsubishi Space Star Rebec Car Audio component speakers + coaxial speakers

Our Honda Shuttle customer has selected

Rebec Car Audio Singapore

wanting a more refined sound from his great set speakers:

Rebec Car Audio DSP-CS470X - 4 channel digital sound processor DSP with amplifier was selected.

The Rebec Car Audio DSP-CS470X complement to the customer's existing speaker well. More refined sound and clarity were achieved.

Rebec Car Audio Singapore - Car Component Speakers CE6

Mitsubishi Space Star Rebec Car Audio CE6 -component speaker (separate tweeter)

Car Door Soundproofing

was top-up for less noise, more music.

Rebec Car Audio RX6 - coaxial speaker (integrated tweeter)

Thank you for the support and thumbs up bro.

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