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Car Audio Components Singapore review, guide | Car Speakers, DSP, Amplifier & Subwoofer

The car sound system is similar to a pop band; it's typically made up of more than a member (or component) that cover more than one role.

So, what are the vital components in a great car audio system? - car speakers, DSP digital sound processor, amplifier & subwoofer review?

Auto Edition believe:

Sound is a piece of art

Quality & Right products for the customer = Great Sound Art

Hence, Golden rule no.1 - understanding your expectation and the functions of the key components in a car audio system.

All you want to know about the key components of the car audio system review is here.

Car Radio, Car Speakers, Car Subwoofer, Car Amplifier, Digital Sound Processor DSP and Amplifier function is reviewed below:

Make sure the components you are getting serve the functions you are looking for.

1. Car Radio review:

The main purpose of a car radio upgrade is for better features - such as better screen quality, Bluetooth, CarPlay, Android Auto, Maps, Spotify and etc. However, the car radio may also affect the car's sound quality moderately.

2. Car Speakers review:

Original car speakers are usually of low quality- doesn't sound great. The purpose of upgrading to a set of good speakers is to deliver better voice and overall sound dynamics.

Many believe that upgrading to a set of quality car speakers is the fundamental, in order to maximise the potential for wider range of sound dynamics - bass, vocal and high frequency.

3. Car Subwoofer review:

The purpose of a car subwoofer is to produce that fulfilling ~boom ~boom effect, to complement the speakers to better produce deeper voicers, kick, drum effects in the song or movie.

4. Car Amplifier review:

The purpose of a car amplifier is to simply amplify the power, hence, better overall sound quality (with lesser distortion).

5. Car Digital Sound Processor DSP review:

This is a popular invention, one of the latest or recent gamer changer component that many car audio enthusiast love. Car Digital Sound Processor DSP is a precise sound control component - that allow you to fine tune the range of sound by each speaker and tweeter. Hence, it brings out the clarity and details.

In conclusion,

All the vital components need to work in harmony to make up a full car audio system.

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