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Subaru XV upgraded to Rebec car audio system - Car Speaker, DSP Amplifier, Subwoofer | Singapore

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Subaru XV - full sound system, car speakers, dsp amplifier and Active subwoofer, car component speakers, coaxial speakers by car audio shop Singapore

Subaru XV - Full Sound System upgraded with:

Dynaudio Car Audio Singapore

Rebec Car Audio Singapore

Auto Edition

- Digital Sound Processor

Rebec Car Audio DSP RPX-B8

Car Digital Sound Processor DSP with built-in amplifier.

- Front 1 pair - car speakers

Rebec Car Audio ST6 - car component speaker (separate tweeter).

- Rear 1 pair - car speakers

Rebec Car Audio RX6 - car coaxial speaker (integrated tweeter).

- Active Subwoofer

Car DSP amplifier, Digital Signal Processor

Car Digital Signal Processor DSP with amplifier

More power and refined car sound experience with proper installation and tuning.

Subaru XV Car Speakers - Rebec Car audio full sound system

Front 1 pair

Rebec Car Audio ST6 -car speaker (separate tweeter)


Great choice for entry level car speakers
High sensitivity and clear

Subaru XV Car Speakers rear - Rebec Car audio full sound system

Rear 1 pair

Rebec Car Audio RX6 - coaxial speaker (integrated tweeter).

· Warm tone and wide dispersion of sound.
· Perfect complement to the front speakers.

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