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Sound of Nature, Music Reappearance 


Rebec Car Audio's story

Rebec Car Audio is founded in 2009 by a group of Car Audio enthusiast; with the aim of offering high-end car audio products. The core design concepts were: "Sound of Nature, Music Reappearance".


Rebec Car Audio's team is meticulous and has devoted firm efforts into the research & design (R&D), innovation and quality control of its product. The team is also constantly seeking ways to perfecting the music reappearance. Hence, many exquisite craftsmanship were incorporated into the design. Currently, Rebec Car Audio has an extensive range of latest car audio products and it's product quality has caught the attention of many car audio enthusiast and retailer.​​ 

In addition, Rebec Car Audio's product quality can be reaffirmed - with the achievements in the car audio competition in various country. Example the recent: EMMA Europe 2022 & Mace China 2019.

  • Rebec Car Audio is proudly Made in China, now available in Asia, Europe, Worldwide & Singapore.

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Rebec CE6 component speaker
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Rebec Car Audio's Singapore

Exclusive agent - Auto Edition

Auto Edition believe that:

Sound is a piece of art.

Quality & Compatible products for the customer


Great sound art

Meet our team of car audio enthusiast today, we'd love to share our passion for sound with you.

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